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Steven A Culbreath


For over 14 years now, the primary focus of my professional legal career is and has been the practice of U.S. Immigration Law.

Who am I and What can I do for YOU?

  • It is my goal to smoothly secure the most appropriate type of visa or other immigration benefit that best suits my client’s individual need. 
  • Promoting my client’s understanding of the various types of visas and the manner in which they can be most appropriately utilized is crucial to me.
  • Over 14 years and hundreds of completed cases in U.S. Immigration Law: My immigration law experience began in mid-2003. I formally went out on my own, and started my own immigration law practice in November 2008.  
  • I am considered experienced and well-trained in U.S. Immigration matters and am competent to answer your questions and handle your immigration situation.

What do I do and How am I qualified?



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