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E-Visa Toolkit for Licensed Practitioners

Is this YOU? Are you losing valuable business?

I see you’ve somehow ended up on this page… Let me ask you some basic questions:

  • Are you a current U.S. Immigration Lawyer who would love to ADD handling E-Visas to YOUR professional law practice?
  • Have you ever had consultations with prospective clients who WOULD HAVE BEEN a good fit for a potential E-Visa, but you did not feel adequately competent in that area?
  • Are you referring out these cases to other lawyers, due to your own lacking comfort level (competence, experience, expertise), giving away lucrative business?

If you have answered a resounding “YES” to any of these, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m happy that you have decided to take the leap and incorporate this visa category into your practice. You can do your part to make 2020 a GREAT year of much more production!

  • STOP feeling anxious about NOT knowing enough to handle E-Visa cases with confidence!
  • STOP referring out lucrative, exciting case work!

I have devised a comprehensive 1-stop E-Visa Toolkit for everything you will need to immediately begin to gain the confidence, and professional competence, to start handling your own E-Visa cases in-house!

Upon receiving and implementing my materials, — which I’ve created based on my 18+ years of successful, heavy E-Visa practice, and an average overall final approval rate of +/- 85%, between DOS and USCIS, — you will quickly realize the immense benefits of being able to competently advise your clients and handle these types of cases.

This kit will cover things like:
(not ‘only’, but ‘at minimum’, and more!)

  • proper intake / consultation — getting the info you need to screen your case and the client
  • how to determine who is a good client for a good E-Visa case (incl. options for those who are not)
  • where and how to prospect for potential E-Visa clients
  • knowing the legal requirements for E-Visa cases (E-1 and E-2)
  • how to document and satisfy each required element
  • who qualifies for E-Visas, and the different types of applications
  • working within the regulatory framework of Consular Practice (overseas)
  • working within the regulatory framework of USCIS (within the U.S.)
  • developping a sound workable, and highly success-promising case strategy, with short-term, intermediate-term and long-term views, including alternatives.
  • how to structure the required U.S. business entity and ownership
  • documenting the qualifying U.S. business enterprise, in terms of ownership, location, purpose, investments / funding, assets, trading and operations, etc.
  • contingency plans when initial applications fail.
  • advanced issues in E-visa cases regarding nationality, business issues, taxation issues, management and staffing issues, other “monkey wrenches”, etc.
  • issues of initial applications, extensions / renewals, change in business, change in ownership, etc.
  • how to get from NIV to LPR.
  • how to handle varying situations with sound legal strategies, based on 18+ years solid E-Visa practice.

The kit contains well over 100 pages of instruction, advice, practice pointers, examples and actionable information, based on hundreds of E-Visa cases within the past 18 years. The kit also contains many editable sample documents, cover letters, document checklists, information sheets, legal research, authoritative resources and lots of current weblinks, …everything you need to get the answers and “how tos” you need.

Depending on your geographic coverage area, and local practice (incl. other practitioners in your area), legal fees for E-Visa cases can range between $5,000 on the lower end, up to around $8,500+ on the higher end of the fee-spectrum, per case, depending on varying factors.

Having the confidence and competency to handle these cases, gives you an essential and lucrative tool in your overall immigration “practice toolbox”, which in turn, raises your value to your clients as a skilled legal resource!

BONUS! — By purchasing my E-Visa Toolkit, you have everything you need to get quickly up to speed on this area of immigration law practice. But MORE IMPORTANTLY, you also receive a direct line to me to walk you through your first E-visa cases as your Mentor, by email (for routine issues) and by phone (for more pressing, emergent issues.)

This one-time investment in yourself and your professional practice will only ‘set you back’ temporarily by a one-time low fee (see below, depending on your membership option), which you will immediately recoup 4x or more, on your very FIRST E-Visa case!

Here is a nice, recent testimonial from a fellow immigration lawyer, who purchased, studied and used this E-Visa Toolkit, and got an approval from the U.S. Consulate within 10 days!!:

“Big shout out to Steven Culbreath! I did one E-2 two years ago as a COS from F-1 and it got approved. As I had two more cases that needed to be done ASAP, I decided to invest in the E visa toolkit so I do not have to reinvent the wheel by creating my own checklists, questionnaires and format letters (it took me 3 months the first time I did the E-2 and I was not sure I knew what I was doing). Not only the toolkit had what I was looking for, but Steven offered to review my attorney letter with a keen eye for issues. It did make a difference that I have been doing H petitions for many years and did an E before so I was quickly able to look through and got the materials I needed. I completely recommend it if you do not have access to other resources. My E-2 got approved in 10 days.”

Mihaela B.

Here are some more great recent testimonials from other fellow immigration lawyers who had a quick sucess on their first E-Visa cases, after using my kit:

“My first E-2 as a solo just got approved! And just a week before my client’s I-94 runs out, talk about down to the wire. Thanks to Steven A. Culbreath – his one-on-one guidance helped answer all my crazy questions in the beginning. My client did their own business plan and they were very cooperative in all my recommendations for many revisions before we submitted the final package. Finnish couple, they entered on B-2 so we did it here with USCIS. It’s a car broker business for classic cars with just under 50K investment.”

Nadine H.

“E-2 change of status approved in less than a week. No RFE!!!
Thank you 
Steven A. Culbreath for all your assistance. Your E-2 Kit was a great resource especially having everything I need in one place.”

Joanne F.

“I am working on my first two E-2 visas and I have to say that Steven A. Culbreath’s toolkit is phenomenal!!! I love it. Super helpful. Make the process easier and less scary when is your first time. Easy to follow, and you get everything you need and more. Super recommended. Plus, he offers mentoring sessions.”

Johanna K.

“I have to say thank you to Steven A. Culbreath! His tool kit has been a life saver as I work through my first E-2, and nothing can compare to his willingness to answer my never ending questions. If you have not yet purchased the tool kit I highly recommended it!”

Astrid L.
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