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Business Consulting

That Extra Step Beyond the Immigration Case.


The bulk of my day-to-day immigration practice revolves around handling various immigration matters from start to finish, strategizing the case, gathering the required documentation and information, preparing and filing the case with the proper authorities, and see the case to its conclusion.


In addition to this, as an extra service, I also work one-on-one with clients (particularly in the business visa context), long before a particular immigration case is prepared and filed, to assist them in laying the necessary groundwork for their U.S.-based business or commercial enterprise.


What does the consulting cover?

Through my consulting efforts, I assist the client in obtaining and gathering the necessary information to make a series of informed, independent decisions based on his/her individual goals and objectives, as relates to their business in the United States.  With the assistance of other professionals as needed, I attempt to help the client answer and decide on the following types of issues:

  • type and structure of legal business entity

  • nature of business, feasibility and market studies

  • location selection (incl. restrictions on zoning and use)*

  • commercial and residential real estate*

  • government licensing and permitting*

  • general legal compliance (trade restrictions, etc.)*

  • investment and financial requirements*

  • fund transfers, foreign currency exchange*

  • banking, accounting and tax preparation services*

  • general and specific branding, marketing and advertising

  • business plan development

  • intellectual property protection (trademarks, service marks, patents, etc.)*

  • staffing / personnel issues, human resources management*

  • general business management consulting*

  • asset protection (taxation, estate planning, investment strategies, etc.)*

Why is this kind of consulting necessary?

All of these are critical for the individual’s immigration case, business development, and overall asset protection while living in the United States.  Much of this needs to be addressed and examined in the early stages of an immigration case, during the planning and start-up stages, before filing the case.

In nearly all business-based immigration cases, documents specifically covering the above issues must (or at least should) be included in the particular supporting documentation for the immigration application or petition being submitted.  A more thoroughly thought-out and well-presented case will maximize its likelihood of success, and also lay a better, more solid foundation on which to establish and build a successful U.S.-based business.


How are these services charged?

Depending on the client’s individual situation and need, these consulting services  are billed on an hourly or project-based fee.  Other professionals, who may be assisting, may also charge separately for services and/or products they provide.




* where appropriate, or where required by law, certain services or professional advice will be obtained from other third-party professionals in the respective field of expertise or industry.

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