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Legal Fees

As a licensed attorney at law and member of the Florida Bar, I’m committed to providing high quality legal services at a reasonable and fair cost. I am convinced that my fee structure provides excellent value to the client, in terms of my experience and expertise, the service of my representation, and the time and effort involved in each case.


Flat-Rate Fees:

My fees are usually flat-rate, project-based fees, which are determined by the type of U.S. Immigration benefit you are seeking and the nature of the paperwork to be assembled, prepared and filed. In my years of experience in handling immigration law cases, clients have come to appreciate and prefer the “fixed-rate” legal fees, knowing early on in the process what costs are involved. Unwelcome “surprise”-bills or unexpected fees are virtually eliminated.


In rare instances, where cases terminate before the legal work can be completed (if circumstances change in a way, that either the lawyer or client can no longer continue the case), as a matter of professional ethics, a lawyer must refund any advance payment of a fee that has not yet been earned because the work has not yet been done, irrespective of whether it’s a fixed fee, retainer or advance payment of hourly billing. The lawyer is a so-called ‘fiduciary’ who must keep accurate records of fees and trust account transfers under every state’s rules of professional conduct to prevent misappropriation or negligence.


Expenses and Other Costs:

In addition to the legal fees, I seek full reimbursement (and in some cases advancement) of government filing fees, and courier fees for services like DHL or FedEx. (on a 1:1 cost basis)


Depending on the nature of your specific case, and the use of third-party services, additional costs which often can arise, such as:

  • document translations,

  • credentials evaluations,

  • valuations and appraisals,

  • professional advisory opinions,

  • tax preparations by accountants

  • third-party legal work and legal representation (e.g. non-immigration matters),

  • foreign notary services.


My legal fees secure my professional knowledge and experience in maximizing your chances of Success (= approval on your case). I am NOT the deciding or adjudicating authority, the U.S. government is.  Despite my best efforts on your behalf, a government official uses a highly subjective decision-making to decide your case, and sometimes cases can be denied.  My fees are NOT OUTCOME-DEPENDENT.


Special Circumstances:

In some very limited, special cases, fees may also be billed “as you go”, or on an hourly basis. In these situations, I come to a specific and mutually agreeable arrangement with the client, as to avoid unpleasant surprises or unreasonble expectations.


While my legal fees are based on the average amount of work, time and level of difficulty of a given type of case, I try to also consider a client’s individual, unique situation.  Depending on circumstances, special allowances can be made, at my discretion, in terms of the level of fees and the manner of payment. My clients always have a full and complete understanding of the costs and expenses involved in the case.


Common Post-Filing Situations:

Depending on your case, additional legal fees and other costs might arise, after your case was prepared and filed with the government.  This may arise where special additional work is required, such as in-person interview attendance (incl. travel), Filing Post-Decision Motions to Reconsider/Reopen, Filing Post-Decision Appeals, Requesting Consular Review, or other services and efforts not covered by the initial scope of representation. It is best to discuss these with me as the need arises, as there is no “one size fits all” in these situations.


Non-Profit Organizations:

I do offer reduced legal fees to non-profit organizations, as a matter of personal policy, and will sometimes agree to accept certain cases on a “pro bono” basis.

Payment Methods:


You have various Payment Options available, including Wire Transfers (Bank-to-Bank), Cheques (drawn on U.S. Bank), Paypal, Credit Card / Debit Card, Cryptocurrencies, and Cash Currency (USD, EUR, GBP).



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