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“I am German and I married my American wife in January 2012. First I thought, I am going to fill out all the forms for the USCIS on my own. In Germany I used to work in an office, so I was pretty confident in my skills, but soon enough I had to admit, that there was no way for me to go through all the many pages without making any mistakes and even my friends who went through the immigration process were not able to provide any help. There are many immigration law offices out there, so I had to compare the testimonials and prices, and today I am sure, I made the right choice. From the very beginning, Steven made it very easy for us, his knowledge, experience and endless patience was simply priceless. He was always ready to help and provide a super fast answer to my countless questions. We moved through the application process smooth and quick. I received my green card in November 2012.  We will highly recommend Mr. Culbreath to every potential customer. Thank you our friend!!!” —  Melissa & David G.

“I met Steve in 2005 when he was still working at a Law Firm in Sarasota; he did a terrific job helping me to set up a company. I always kept in touch with him, and emailed him with any questions I might have, he was always open and fast to answer all my emails, phone calls and even meet me in person. He is very good person, honest and very knowledge lawyer, his priority is always your peace of mind, and to try to make it easy for you, he is never concerned about money or fees like most lawyers.    In 2011, I contacted him again for my naturalization process, after having seen other lawyers and legal advisors, who had told me that, due to my particular situation, I would never be able obtain the citizenship, not even try to apply for it; Steve was the only one who was willing to help me out, and advised me exactly what I was supposed to do and how to do it, he was the only one who knew what he was saying, he was 100% correct and everything he told me happened; and yesterday I got my citizenship without any problems.  I am totally grateful for all his excellent work and for all the help and peace of mind he provided me. I would not be a citizen today if I had not met and trusted him.  I recommend Steve, without any doubt, to anyone needing an excellent and honest immigration lawyer, who is not worry about money but about you and your particular situation.”  — Alejandra C.

“Steve Culbreath did an excellent job of representing us in our application for permanent residence. He is very personable and knowledgeable about immigration law. We met with Steve after contacting several immigration lawyers in the area because we felt that he would be the perfect fit for our needs. We ultimately chose Steve as our immigration attorney because of his people skills and legal acumen. He provided us with all of the necessary information and helped us submit our paperwork in a timely fashion. He was always available for consultation and answered our questions expeditiously. Steve was always willing to meet with us to discuss our case upon request. He accompanied us to our interview with USCIS and represented us in a very professional manner. His knowledge of the process and attention to detail was invaluable. He did all of this for a retention fee that was much less than those requested by his competitors. We humbly recommend Steve Culbreath to anyone in need of immigration legal counsel.” — Joe and Magda G.

“I made the acquaintance of Steven Culbreath for the first time back in 2003, when he was still working for an Immigration Law Firm in Sarasota. Though he was not in authority of our case, he was always willing to help with words and deeds to solve problems that came up during the pending case. When we came to know that Steven had opened his own Law Firm in St. Petersburg, for us it was beyond all questions, that we would turn to him with all our Immigration concerns. He never let us down. In all cases, he did a terrific job. He not only helped with renewing an I-Visa but was even able to give the professional advise concerning a German BBG-application, and finally guided me through the process of the Naturalization. His professional way of working always gave us the feeling we were in good hands and that gave us peace of mind through the whole process.” — Roland W.

“I am German, my husband is a U.S. Citizen. When we got married and were facing the immigration process I started contacting several immigration lawyers. Some didn’t even respond to my emails, others were charging an outrageous amount for the preparation of the immigration documents. I was starting to get frustrated but then I talked to my neighbor who highly recommended Steve – he had handled her immigration process. So I sent Steve an email and he responded right away. Throughout the whole immigration process Steve has been absolutely great. He patiently answered my countless questions and was there for us every step of the way. I had heard many scary stories about the immigration process, green card interviews in particular. But Steve’s structured approach, patience and expert knowledge made the immigration process -that I thought of as a very long road ahead of me- a smooth ride. I received my green card in October 2010 and I cannot thank Steve enough! I strongly recommend him to everyone who needs the help of an immigration lawyer-he is the best!” – Dorena & Rheinhardt G.v.Th.

“One of us is British, the other American and when we decided to get married, we knew we wanted to live in the US rather than the UK and we would be facing an immigration process. I did not hesitate to turn to Steve Culbreath, whom I had met back in 2007 when seeking a work visa. I knew that Steve had recently branched out and started his own law firm and, despite relocating to St. Petersburg, he traveled the distance to meet with us in our hometown within a couple of days (and for every meeting since).   When we first set out on the Green card application process in early April 2010 it seemed like this huge, daunting, long road ahead of us. However, with Steve’s knowledge, expertise and professional, amiable manner we swept through the process swiftly and smoothly and by the end of July it was all done!  Steve was on hand every step of the way, responded to our countless questions and concerns in a rapid, professional manner and with utmost honesty, integrity and first-class legal acumen. He is the only lawyer we trust and now also consider him a friend. We are incredibly grateful for everything he has done for us and he is the only lawyer in his field that we would recommend. Thanks a million, Steve!” — Jennifer & Nick C.

“We would like to thank Steve for his help and expertise to get our E-2 visa. While other specialists denied their help because of the small size of our business, Steve’s honesty and optimism carried us through the application process. His cooperation with the embassy is very efficient and his experience helped us focusing on the right details with our business plan. We strongly recommend Steve to everyone considering an E-2 visa. Thanks.” – Olaf & Yvonne S.

“Steven did a great Job with our Green card and for everything he was doing, we worked together more than 6 Years. What he recommended was always right. I had already recommended him with good conscience, and will continue to do so. We wish him all the best for the future and we stay in touch.” – Hartmut F. & Monika L.

“Our family would like to express our sincere gratitude to Steve, and hope this testimonial will serve as a recommendation to others.  Steve initially assisted and represented us with our first L-1 application.  Even now, when we switched over to the E-2 visa, he always provided us with accurate, timely and honest information, and kept us informed about everything at all times.  What we especially appreciated was that he is honest, result-oriented, structured and well-prepared.  He always consulted with us about each step of the process. Surely it was not easy to help us with our small business, but Steve did it and got us there.” – Thomas & Michaela S.

“Steve was recommended to us as an immigration lawyer, by a friend, who in 2005 secured an E-2 Visa with Steve’s help.  Steve counseled us well throughout our applications, and patiently answered all of our many questions and concerns.  In a period of only 7 months, he initially helped us getting a B-visa and shortly thereafter our E-2 visas.   Although our situation was complicated, his applications were so well-prepared and presented, that we received our visas without problems.  From our own experiences we know that visa matters can be complicated and convoluted, even when you are “only” applying for a Tourist Visa.  Applying for an E-visa is all the more difficult.  Only a knowledgeable and skilled immigration lawyer can help you achieve a good result.  With Steve we were very fortunate to find exactly that kind of lawyer.  In addition, we were able to communicate with him in German, which was very helpful to us.  We can happily recommend Steve in good conscience.” – Peter G.

“We got to know Steve back in January 2008, when he was working for another law firm. From the first day on we knew, that Steve would be our go-to-source for each and every question we would have regarding a visa strategy. When we got aware that Steve would leave from the other law firm we didn’t hesitate to follow him – and we did right!  Steve is more then just our lawyer, he’s a friend of ours. With patience, high motivation and even a higher level of both passion and expert knowledge, Steve paved the way for us to obtain a visa.   Since it was difficult to start up the kind of business that we wanted to start while not being continuous here in the U.S., Steve suggested to start with a specific business visitor visa (B1) as “prospective traders/investors” which will ultimately lead us to an E-Visa. It worked exactly out like Steve told us it would.   Whenever people ask us for advice which lawyer they should consider or ask us to refer one, it’s quite easy who we mention. Steve Culbreath – the lawyer, the friend.” – Lars H.

“Applying for a work visa in the USA for a small business is a huge undertaking. Steve Culbreath has taken the strain out of the process for me. Steve has been spot on with his advice and counsel from day one. He has been understanding and patient with me all along, and clearly knows what he’s talking about when it comes to working visas in the USA. I would recommend the Law Offices of Steven A. Culbreath to anyone wanting to immigrate to the USA.  Thank you Steve and Laurel for a job well done, in record time at a very reasonable price.” – Alan J.

“Steve made a terrific job in helping me and my family getting an E-2 Visa. His very structured approach with a checklist made it easy to prepare everything in an efficient way. He replied always on additional questions and having pitched him against others he scored better since he did not want to focus me on the wrong things or even scare with bad stories (like others have done it). Last but not least, he does better deals than competition. I am recommending him to other people. “ — Dr. Dirk L.

“Mr. Culbreath is my attorney since 2007. I had found him while he was still working for a different law firm. After he informed us that he would start to open his own law firm, we moved right along with him! He is more than my attorney; he has given me hope in my case and he fulfills all my expectations of a good and honest attorney, he even walks the extra mile. The treatment I receive is more on a friendship basis than on a attorney-client basis. I do appreciate his work very much, I previously had an attorney who did not work in his clients interest. I recommend Mr. Culbreath to anyone who has a need of help regarding immigration issues or other services that Mr. Culbreath offers. I wish Mr. Culbreath the best for him, his family and also much success in his business. “ – Bettina B.

“Many thanks to Steve Culbreath and his team for the hard work and effort they put into our successful visa applications. The visa application process can seem horrendous and complex to foreigners, but Steve and his team made it painless and efficient. We have no hesitation in recommending his services.“ – Geoffrey T.

“Mr. Culbreath gave us the opportunity to get our E2-Visa smoothly and fast. He gave us exact information to get our goal and everything he said, comes true. We felt in good hands.” – Axel J.

“I worked with Steve for several years now on my entire family immigration cases. It started with my older sister, then my parents and recently on my youngest sister’s case. Steve is very knowledgeable about the most recent policies and try his best to make your case go through. I would recommend him for any immigration application process or issues.” – Tibor I.

“We were recommended to the Jaensch Immigration law firm by a friend, back in 2003. To our initial disappointment, we were not to see the firm’s founder, Peter Jaensch, as planned, but instead we were introduced to attorney Steve Culbreath. Well, it is 2008 now, and our relationship with Steve has been great since the beginning. Steve has bent over backwards to help us in every respect. He got our first visas, and now the renewal, and soon we will file for the green card, and we have all our hopes and are positive that Steve will do a good job once again. Thank you Steve, we trust everything will work out well for the green card, and would like to thank you for all your patience with us, as well as the success thus far.” – Arno & Irene von W.

“There aren’t many people you can trust these days, but Steve Culbreath whom you could trust blindly. He understands his craft, and knows how to get results. Especially when dealing with Visa / GreenCard issues, it is extremely critical to have someone, who is competent, works quickly and is reputable. I did not leave anything to chance, but instead chose to seek competent advice right from the start. Thank you for everything, Steve. First-class work!  Fantastic.” – Christine B.

“Mr. Culbreath has a wealth of knowledge and experience in developing the best strategies for gaining American Visas for UK citizens. If you need professional advice- he’s definitely someone you should call.” – Karl W.

“I found Mr Culbreath both efficient and cost effective in the manner he obtained my visa. Mr Culbreath’s manner both in person and over the phone was confident and reassuring. I would strongly recommend Mr Culbreath to any potential person seeking a U.S. Visa.” – Lawrence S.

“Dear Steven, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional services and the courteous and patient manner in which you handled our difficult situation. Also I would like to assure you, that I will be recommending your service to our friends and customers. Your work and attention to our matter has been superb and is receiving of our exceeding consideration and appreciation.” – Jerzy G.

“very fast — very helpful — and very good… The best in his work.” – Francois B.

“Dear Steve, we would like to thank you for the great professional service you provided from day one in regards to our successful approval for our Dual-Citizenship. We will highly recommend you and your service to all our friends and customers.” – Manfred & Jennifer S.

“When my wife Ora and I first came to Florida in summer of 2006 – and after it had become clear to us that our particular business situation made it necessary for us to remain in the United States for the coming years – we were put in touch with Steven Culbreath, Esq. of the Jaensch Immigration Law Firm. From the start, Steve impressed us with his courteous demeanor, thorough know-how of American immigration law and refreshingly professional approach in assisting us with obtaining the required documents. Working with Steve proved to be the best choice we could make. Despite a constantly busy schedule, he is always available to us – no matter what day of the week or hour of the day – quick to provide the information needed. The service he provides is invaluable to us. What started out purely as a business relationship with Steve has turned into a friendship, for which we are truly grateful. It is a joy and privilege to know Steve and it is our hope that more people requiring legal assistance on immigration matters will be introduced to this capable man of the highest integrity.”
– Dr. David J.

“After having worked with another law office for four months, where we were given bad advice and treated poorly, Mr. Culbreath was recommended to us. From the first moment on, we felt we were in good hands. With his professional knowledge he gave us a sense of clarity and helped us finally obtain our E-2 Visa Status, which had been a goal of ours for a long time. I find his patience and friendliness most remarkable, especially considering how many times we approached him with what seems like 1000’s of questions. If I had to recommend an immigration lawyer to anyone, I would recommend Mr. Culbreath in any event.” – Joerg & Simone L.

“Over several years Mr. Steven Culbreath of Jaensch Immigration has provided me and my family, the best possible immigration services to maintain legality in the USA. His attention to detail and knowledge of Immigration requirements make him the ideal choice when immigration assistance is needed. We have found Steven to be extremely professional, courteous and very pleasant to work with. It is our intention to continue working together towards permanent residency and citizenship in the USA.” – Norman D.

“Steven did a great job putting together our E2 visa applications. We can highly recommend his service to anyone looking for professional and thorough legal services!!” – Lennart L.

“There are many professions and professionals out there; however there is a small percentage that always stands out and separate themselves from the rest, in my mind this can only be for reason, and that is performance, these professionals exceed client expectations, on a long term basis, they are committed to the cause, and deliver winning results, in life one always remembers the winner and not the runner up, if you want to be a winner you need to be working with the best and Steven Culbreath is arguably one of the best lawyers in his field, I can truly say this as a client and would more than be happy to share my case with any entity and Steven’s work.” – Bimal B.

“From the first visit to arrange our visas, Steven has been nothing short of a Best Friend that has stood by us through some very trying times. We have felt very confident facing all the challenges we encountered, as we are aware of Steven’s professional approach and compassion. Steven’s attention to detail and knowledge of the law is very reassuring and comforting. Therefore I have had no hesitation in referring Steven to all my friends and Family.” – Derick B.

“Dear Steve, we would like to thank you sincerely for your continuous support, not just throughout our Visa application process, but also your constant assistance and help afterwards. Your professional and outstandingly knowledgeable advice made this huge step a great success. We truly believe that your cooperation and hard work will guide us safely through the process of our visa extension. We feel in very good hands with our visa matters and recommended you to many friends and business partners in need of any type of immigration advice. We will always be thankful for everything you did for us!” – Claudia H.

“Steven Culbreath helped me and my family gain an E-2 Visa. He worked quickly and effectively. He had good contacts and relations with the American Embassy in my country. He was always easy to reach and showed a lot of patience with our worries and concerns. It was a very good experience to work with Steven Culbreath. Best regards.” – Dr. Claes L.

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