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Case Mentoring/Reviewing for Lawyers

I see you’ve somehow ended up on this page… Let me ask you some basic questions:

  • Are you a current U.S. Immigration Lawyer who would love to ADD handling new types of cases confidently and competently to YOUR professional law practice?
  • Have you ever had consultations with prospective clients who WOULD HAVE BEEN a good fit for a potential cases, but you did not feel adequately competent in that area? Would you like assistance with intake, pre- or post-consult?
  • Are you referring out these cases to other lawyers, due to your own lacking comfort level (competence, experience, expertise), giving away lucrative business?

If you have answered a resounding “YES” to any of these, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m happy that you have decided to take the leap and incorporate additional case type(s) into your practice. You can do your part to make 2020, 2021 and beyond a GREAT year of much more production!

Listen to what other immigration lawyers have to say:

I am so grateful for Steve’s mentorship. I purchased his E-2 tool kit and have consulted with him on a number of cases. As a newer practitioner he has been instrumental to increasing my practical knowledge and confidence level. It feels reassuring to have someone to consult and strategize with, especially in complex cases. He has so much knowledge and experience and I have seen approvals in every case he helped me with!  AND as a bonus: He is so fun to work with. I highly recommend his toolkit and mentorship services! ”  —  Immigration Lawyer from California.

  • STOP feeling anxious about NOT knowing enough to handle certain cases with confidence!
  • STOP referring out lucrative, exciting case work!

Having the confidence and competency to handle these cases, gives you an essential and lucrative tool in your overall immigration “practice toolbox”, which in turn, raises your value to your clients as a skilled legal resource!

LET ME HELP YOU! — Let ME be your second set of eyes and your second brain. Let me guide you like a coach, when you need that extra nudge, the extra opinion or non-judgmental input.

Here are some ways I am available to help and assist you:

  • brainstorming and case strategizing at the early intake/consult stage
  • general client management / case management advice
  • determine necessary case structure
  • determine supporting documentation to maximize strength of case
  • review your attorney cover letter
  • review your client’s support letter / company letter
  • review issues with completed forms
  • guidance with general case “how to” pre-submission
  • guidance with general case troubleshooting, pre- and post-filing
  • help dealing with RFEs, NOIDs, interview-issues, and other requests

You’re NOT hiring me to be your paralegal or legal secretary!

I’m not going to handle the entire case for you, from intake to final decision. You (or your office), are still the ones doing the “leg-work” and being legally responsible, because it’s YOUR name(s) on the G-28!

This will be a guided collaboration where I am the behind-the-scenes guide, mentor and advisor to help steer you (and your designated preparer, if you have one) in the right direction, to maximize the proper flow and direction of your particular case. As far as your client is concerned, I don’t exist. Think of me as your GHOST-EDITOR.

I am currently available to assist you with the following case types:
(consular application or USCIS petition)


(generally $350 per case, unless otherwise noted below)

— B1/B2 (only $250)

— ESTA / Visa Waiver (only $250)

— E-1 or E-2

— F-1 (only $250)

— H-1B / E-3

— L-1

— O-1

— TN


(generally $450 for FS/MB, or $650 for EB,  per case)

— Family-Sponsored Greencards ($450 per case)

— Marriage-Based Greencards ($450 per case)

— Removal of Conditions on Residence ($450 per case, NOT I-829!)

— EB-1 Multinational Manager/Executive ($650 per case)

— EB-1 Extraordinary Alien ($650 per case)

— EB-2 NIW ($650 per case)

CITIZENSHIP:   (generally $275 per case)

— U.S. Citizenship by Naturalization

— U.S. Citizenship by Claim (after age 18)

— Derivative U.S. Citizenship, incl. Child Citizenship Act 2000

— Issues of Dual Citizenship

NOTE: For other case types NOT listed here, just email me for a quote.

I may also have experience in other cateogories. If in doubt, just ask.

Your Pref. Email Address:

NOTE: I am also a native- / fluent-speaker of GERMAN, and can assist with document review, translation, etc. and issues where this is useful. (also with certain filings of obtaining, keeping or regaining German citizenship).

By having me as your mentor, you have nearly 20 solid years of U.S. Immigration Law practice experience, and many hundreds of cases under my belt, dealing with DHS, DOS and DOL, at your disposal. Everything you need to get quickly up to speed on any unfamiliar or weak area of your immigration law practice or new (to you) type of case.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY, you also receive a direct line to me to walk you through your case as your Mentor, by email (for routine issues) and by phone (for very pressing, urgent issues.)

The mentoring-fee is a reasonable, flat-fee and covers one (1) case,
until there has been a final decision or other final action.

  • NIV cases: $250 – $350, dep. on case type
  • IV / GC — Family/Marriage based: $450.-
  • IV / GC — Employment based: $650.-
  • Citizenship: $275.-
  • Other: as agreed. (email me for a quote)

The Payment for the Mentoring (on a flat-fee per case basis)
is to be made through any of these ways:


1 Law Offices of Steven A. Culbreath, P.A.
Bank of America (DEPOSIT ONLY)
Account #: [contact me for number]
RTG/ACH: 063100277

ZELLE can also be used, use this email:
  [saculbreath @]





Online via PAYPAL, you can:

— send me an email to in order to arrange a secure online payment, OR
— use this direct drop-down and “BUY NOW” button: 

Your Pref. Email Address:

Online through your bank, using “ZELLE“,
you can use this email for
the payment:





If you wish to use a credit or debit card, please provide me with the
following information, in writing (split into multiple messages):





  • Full Name, as listed on card,
  • 3-digit security code on back of card,
  • full card number, date of expiration MM/ YYYY, and
  • Zip-Code or Postal Code of registered billing address

  NOTE:  You will need to ADD 3% CONVENIENCE CHARGE.  

If you wish to use a Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum,
etc.), please send me an email to in order
to arrange a secure online payment.



I will accept your Documents via DROPBOX.
Upon accepting your case for mentoring assistance, I will generate a Dropbox File Request for you, to quickly and conveniently upload your file(s) to me.

I accept these file types: .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .xls, .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif
(if your file type is not listed, email me and ask)

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